Under the Tuscan Sun

If I had to pick a favorite spot out of all the places I been around the globe, it would be Italy. And if I had to pick one spot in Italy, it would be Tuscany. If you have never been, you need to go at least once! 

If you want to experience Tuscany at home, then pick up a copy of a book from Frances Mayes.  

Of course, most people know her famous book, UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN, but two of my other favorites are IN TUSCANY

Some images of Frances' home - Bramasole

And a few recipes from Frances' blog which you can view HERE


Image: Made in Italy, Travel Across Italy, Frances Mayes, Cook and Click


  1. The colors are so vibrant! I was in Venice and Milan last year and it was a dream come true, but this...this is a true dream. I will get there someday! Thanks for bringing Tuscany to me!

  2. This is a post worth saving! Gorgeous!! We were supposed to go to Tuscany in late March but my husband may need to go on a business trip so the trip is in question :( I sooo hope we get to go espeically after seeing this gorgeous post!

  3. Thanks for this, a Calgon moment in mid-winter is always welcome!

  4. I remember spending a semester abroad in Europe back when I was in college. I was especially enamored with Italy's beautiful architecture as shown by its monuments, boutiques, and amazing Villas in Tuscany Italy. The food was out of this world. In fact, when I close my eyes I can still taste the variety of flavorful dishes as well as smell the aromas. I definitely have to go plan a trip back there soon!