Fab Fab Fab Beekman Boys

Brent (left) and Josh

Set your DVR to record the FABULOUS BEEKMAN BOYS on Planet Green if you have not yet tuned in to this entertaining show. Dr. Brent and Josh are hilarious as they navigate farming for the first time in upstate New York. Dr. Brent Ridge is the former VP of Healthy Living for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. Josh Kilmer-Purcell is a NY Times bestselling author and regular contributor to NPR.

Their home, Beekman Mansion, and farm are the backdrop for the show.

The Beekman Boys are embracing the "farm to table" approach and produce 80% of the food they consume. Phenomenal!

Josh loves to cook and the Beekman Boys entertain with great style.

Their WEBSITE has an extensive section on food and wine with great recipes. Here are a few below that appealed to me.

When cucumbers take over your garden, make CUCUMBER MOJITOS.

CORN CHOWDER SALAD sounds like a must before summer ends.

Let's face it, fall is quickly approaching and this PUMPKIN RISOTTO would be a great way to embrace it!


For dessert try CHERRY STRUDEL

Or CINNAMON ROLLS which would also be great for brunch.

When they aren't farming, entertaining, cooking, writing or shooting their TV show, they also have a store! Both an actual store in upstate NY and an ONLINE STORE. Do these guys sleep?

Homemade soaps

Artisanal cheese

Beekman Baby

Ok...I am logging off to see how far Sharon Springs, NY is from Boston!

Images: Beekman Boys, Beekman 1802, Discovery, Food Network

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  1. I rarely get to see tv, and when I do it is usually Sesame Street or something of the kind! However, this show sounds great...their farm to table approach reminds me of Stone Barns in Westchester.