Guest Post: Erin Entertains with Mad Style

Unless you live under a rock, you have read Erin Gates' hugely successful blog - ELEMENTS OF STYLE. I have been fortunate to call Erin a friend for quite a few years. She is as loyal and lovely as she is stylish and stunning. Like many of us, Erin is a huge fan of Mad Men and pulled together a post on entertaining inspired by the show.

Erin's Post:
"Sunday Funday" takes on new meaning with the arrival of Mad Men. The visually stunning, whip smart show is unlike anything else on TV. I don't know a single woman who isn't intrigued by Don Draper and with its sexy and suspenseful story lines, it has become the new Sex and the City.

Cap off your weekend by gathering your favorite girlfriends for cocktails and dinner. To set the tone, place a bowl of fake pearl necklaces and cheap red lipsticks in your entryway for guests to adorn themselves. Whip up some dirty martinis with lemon stuffed olives for each gussied up guest. Pay homage to the 1950's and set up some tray tables to eat and sip around the TV.

To make the tables a little more festive, get a couple of rolls of contact paper (shown in floral and cane print) and cover each table top. Top with Lucite looking plates and fun 50's themed napkins. Keep the food time period specific (think deviled eggs, pigs in a blanket and dips) and whip up some Chicken Kiev, as mentioned in the first episode.

Images from Boston.com and AMC.com




  1. ooh great ideas! thanks erin!

  2. i'm pretty sure mad men takes place in the 60s...