Hip Brunch Spot in New York

The STANDARD GRILL is one the the best spots for brunch or lunch in New York. Located under the High Line, the restaurant is made up of the two different spaces - one feels like Nantucket with whitewashed walls and the other room has the leather booths and cozy feel of a men's club.

On the menu there are crowd-pleasers like Brioche French Toast, Belgian Waffles, Eggs Benedict, Cobb Salad, Lobster Salad, and Chicken Paillard.

Get there early and grab a table outside and enjoy a side of people watching (and some celebrity sighting) with your Bloody Mary.

Images: Yelp, Martha Stewart, Brown Eyed Baker and Wikipedia


  1. Thank you Kate!! I am actually going visit someone next weekend who will be in from out of town and we are going to be meeting for brunch and this will be perfect, she is young so this will be hip enough for her:) Looks like the perfect place...and yummy too.

  2. I've heard this is a terrific spot. That whole High Line area is really turning into a popular destination!

  3. Thanks for sharing this great tidbit! I'm all over trying this little gem of a spot out in the near future. Now, I just need to decide which side?

  4. Will definitely be trying this neighborhood gem if ever I could get the hubby into the city on a weekend!