Martha's New Book!

Earlier this week Martha's newest book MARTHA'S ENTERTAINING A YEAR OF CELEBRATIONS debuted and I am eagerly awaiting my copy to arrive in the mail. Say what you will about MS, but she and her team are still the very best in the business. Here are a few photos from the book.

Photo Credit: Martha Moments 


  1. Looks good and most certainly one I will get. Could not agree more about what she has achieved..hats off to her.

    Love that giant center table...fabulous! Is it my imagination or is Martha looking younger? Huh...what gives! She looks like she did 10 years ago in that lower picture!

  2. So bummed that I'm missing Martha at Bergdorf's tonight for the launch but am eager to see this new book - she really does raise the bar with everything she does!

  3. I Tivo Martha's show each day - and usually get around to watching it later in the week at night. She raised the bar for everyone and I'll bet many of us were influenced by her skill at entertaining and making home the best it can be.

    xo Elizabeth

  4. Martha is such an icon of home arts and proper entertaining. At 70 she is a stunning beauty and long may she reign. All the best to her and I look forward to her book this holiday season.

  5. She still is the queen of entertaining.... her book looks beautiful! xo

  6. The photos remind me of her first books from the late '80s and into the 90s... very lush and gorgeous. Great inspiration.