I Do II: Everything LEB

This is the final installment in the I Do II Series. I may have saved the best for last! Lindsay of EVERYTHING LEB is a fellow Boston blogger with impeccable style. Be sure to check out her blog if you are not yet a reader.

Lindsay admits she is wedding obsessed. She is a bridesmaid in a good friend's wedding and sends the bride-to-be about ten "idea" emails a day.

If Lindsay got to do her wedding all over again she would add a few details.

Late Night Snacks

Perfect after a late night of drinking and dancing. And cute to boot!

Long Rectangular Tables

Lindsay's reception was in a barn and due to space constraints, she had to use round tables. 

If she could do it all over again, she would have a space that could fit one long dramatic table. Stunning and great for photos! 

Old School Photo Booths
Photo booths continue to be all the rage for weddings and parties. Lindsay would like a classic booth with no props just a camera. She would love to have the old school images of her family and friends.

Dramatic Exit

Lindsay loves Father of the Bride (don't we all!) and would plan an exit like the movie with a guests lining the way with sparklers. 

Thanks Lindsay for all of your great ideas!

Photos: Amy and Stuart, Brides of North Texas, Style Me Pretty, Veranda, Bride Pop, Amy and Stuart, Martha Stewart Weddings


  1. Wonderful...late night snacks? Long tables where everyone gets to see each other? And finally old fashioned photo booths? Heck yea!! Love it all...looks like one fun wedding and a beautiful couple to boot!

  2. I love everyone of Lindsday's ideas. I'm a huge fan of sparklers and would definitely want those for my exit. Photo booths are so much fun right now. I have a strip I took with each of my boys one random summer in a mall in Kansas. We didn't have much to do, but they are such a great reminder to make the most of wherever you are. And, I'm sure my boys will love it when they turn up someday at their own weddings.

    So glad to be back online and hope you've been well!!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  3. Thanks for having me Kate- I loved picking out all of these things and thinking about my wedding again. I wish I could do it all over again!

  4. Love the photobooth and sparklers ideas -- both are on my wedding wishlist!

  5. Oh this is so gorgeous! I will miss these posts!