To Die For Asian Fusion

Over the last month I have eating out....often. Living in Boston there are so many fabulous options of where to go which is one of the many benefits of living in the city. If you live here or plan to come visit be sure to put MYERS AND CHANG on your list.

The restaurant has a very mod almost edgy vibe which I loved. The dishes (either small bites or main dishes) are served family style and the food is phenomenal. From dumplings to wok charred calamari with grilled corn to steak salad to crispy fried chicken with sesame waffles. Yum!

The force behind the restaurant is Joanne Chang the uber talented Harvard educated chef who opened the oh-so-delicious bakery Flour. 

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  1. This post is making me sooo hungry and wanting to skip right over breakfast and head into lunch! I was just in Boston and wish I had known, this looks like it was worth making a side trip for!
    Good to know..thanks Kate.