All Wrapped Up - Game On Santa

With my shopping done, I am now wrapping presents and every year I pick a theme. I swooned when I saw these wrapped packages from ROCK PAPER SCISSORS. Fab!

Here are some other ideas from Martha. Go HERE for all of the "how tos".

I went for a classic (and budget friendly) theme. The paper is from CVS, the silver balls came in a sleeve of 12 for $2 at Target and the red satin wire ribbon from a floral wholesale store.


  1. I also love just brown paper and white ribbons.
    Just spotted some simply lovely gifts wrapped over at Simply Seleta...
    you'd love them.

  2. For me gift wrapping is the fun part! The wilder and more unusual, the better! Love the marshmallow touch with the hot chocolate paper!

  3. I love doing a theme with wrapping paper too! For my children I have Santa (wink, wink) wrap each of their presents in one wrapping paper....that way all of my daughter's are in one type of paper and same for my son...prevents any unwrapping of someone elses gifts! Loving what you picked this year.

  4. Beautiful!!
    Like your wrap this year, so chic yet budget friendly!!
    I saw some gorgeous Midori ribbon over at Old Kings Lane yesterday... super swoonworthy. Check it out!!!

  5. As always, you are a terrific source of inspiration. Your CVS carries better paper than mine.

  6. Kate - I love the paper you chose - lovely! And love the first package with the marshmallows - but wouldn't want to wrap that one TOO far ahead!