DIY: Festive Christmas Wreath

I like to make some of my Christmas gifts each year. I found all of the ingredients for these wreaths at Michael's. What you need: foam wreath, ribbon, lots and lots and lots of reindeer moss, a glue gun and a ton of patience. The wreath above, a gift for a friend in Greenwich. 

This wreath is a smaller version I made for my front door in Boston and ties in with the color scheme of my decorations inside. Merry! Merry! 

Here is a wreath that my friend Erin (yes that Elements of Style Erin) made for me a few years ago. Sadly, it went to Christmas Heaven two years ago when I dropped it while packing up Xmas 2008. 

What do you make as gifts for the holidays? 


  1. What a great project for the holidays!!! I must admit, I am less of a maker of gifts and more focused on the presentation of the gifts. I love giving things that people will use and enjoy. A 2011 calendar, a great candle, a great bottle of wine, tickets to a show!!

    Merry merry, Kate!!

  2. If I could trust the boys with a glue gun, I'd be making these for all the windows! Love the ribbon you used in your own wreath - we tied a vase up with it several years ago for a winter bouquet. Great inspiration but I'm so running out of time...

  3. Love the wreaths you made. Did you use the ribbon to hide a wreath hanger? I'm trying to figure out how you hung your wreaths.

    As always, thank you for the inspiration.

  4. Carole - I just hang the wreaths with the ribbon. I wrap it over the top of the door and then tie it to the nail on the top. They are very light, so it can be a small nail. Hope that helps! Best, Kate