Gift Guide: For The Chef On Your List

CLINTON ST BAKING COMPANY is a favorite with New Yorkers and has some of the best pancakes in town. They have just published a new cookbook which would be the perfect gift for the chef on your list.

Any well stocked kitchen needs at least one MICROPLANE GRATER. At under $15, this would be a great stocking stuffer.

A MORTAR AND PESTLE from Le Creuset would be a guaranteed hit!

Assorted jams from SARABETH'S KITCHEN - their stuff rocks! 

An IMMERSION HAND BLENDER is key for soups, sauces, etc. (Santa - I don't have one of these by the way.)

While not super sexy, any good chef can never have too many half sheet pans. You can get a set HERE

The HERB SAVOR keeps fresh herbs in the fridge for 3 weeks - genius! 

For a splurge gift, a LE CREUSET Dutch Oven is the best gift. One of my best friends (thanks CWB) gave me one years ago and I use it all the time. All the time.

If you do not have these squeezers then it is time to upgrade. Really. Get one for yourself and the person on your list. Find them for lemons and limes HERE

And what meal is complete without a good bottle of wine? The CORK POPS bottle openers are reasonably priced and never ever fail to work. 


  1. These are all fabulous selections, I know because my chef husband has most of them and loves them all!
    There are few that you featured that he doesn't have, so thank you for the great suggestions!!!
    I'm off to find them today :)
    Many thanks Kate

  2. holy moly, talk about a sexy list!
    I have most of those items and love them. The imersion blender is a must!

  3. A Le Creuset is an absolute my favorite for the winter months and why not pair it with the Cuisinart hand blender for all those yummy pureed vegetable soups... Love your list and know quite a lot of aspiring chefs who would love something off it!

  4. Terrific suggestions. An LC grill pan is a must have in my kitchen.