9 Party Items for the New Year - Design Chic

Beth and Kristy are the mother and daughter duo behind the stylish blog DESIGN CHIC. I love their eye and you will love their blog. 

How you display a meal can be just as delicious as the food itself. How about this stunning china by Michael Wainwright?

2. A Gorgeous Table
A special centerpiece or other creative details add an unexpected twist to a table. The dreamy chair covers on this table do just that. Beth and Kristy often set their table with beautiful party favors to the delight of their guests.

3. The Perfect Cocktail Dress
People don’t dress up enough anymore! Kristy picked the ivory dress because it is fun and flirty. Beth chose the sophisticated red dress for it's fun color and chic style. 

Nothing says party like Christian Louboutin nude glitter pumps. Fabulous!

5. Mood-Setting Music
Beautiful music transforms any party. For a more formal affair, nothing tops a string quartet. For a more intimate dinner party, try Steve Tyrell’s A NEW STANDARD

6. Fresh Flowers
Fresh flowers are essential for any special event. Mixing the textures of hydrangeas, white roses and greens create a simple, elegant look fit for any occasion.

7. Linens
In a disposable world, it’s nice to use real linens. How beautiful is the detail on this tablecloth? It would set the perfect table paired with these linen napkins.

8. Fabulous Food
Even simple food can be a show stopper if it is delicious and artfully arranged.

9. A Well-Stocked Bar
Good wine, beer and liquor is essential for any party. It doesn't have to be expensive - there are so many good wines that are inexpensive and delicious! What’s Beth and Kristy's party essential? Champagne! A toast to your guests is the perfect way to begin or end the evening.

Ladies - Cheers to you for such great ideas! I want an invite to your next fete! 


  1. Love the sleeve detail on that orange dress, amazing, and the linen tablecloth w/the greek key embroidery is stunning. So agree about the well stocked bar - very stylish photo of that too!

  2. The sleeve detail is also what caught my eye! And of course the napkin monogram.
    xo Cathy

  3. Lovely picks but not a surprise from the elegant duo! And I agree - people should dress up more - so nice to have an excuse!! Love Steve Tyrell

  4. Thanks so much for featuring us today, Kate! It has been such a treat getting to "know" you and your beautiful blog! xo Kristy and Beth

  5. I'm sure any party Beth and Kristy throw is stylish and chic! Love the dress with the bow on the leave!

  6. I adore the linen tablecloth and the beautiful embroidered napkins, but everything is gorgeous. Love Beth and Kristy's blog!
    Thank you for sharing.

  7. Beth and Christy have exquisite taste. I agree with every one of their party essentials! I an't wait to get to know their blog.

  8. Oh my goodness what a stunning blog! I've just found you Kate and am now a follower. I absolutely adore this post
    Hope you're having a good week :))

  9. Such a beautiful post and those dancing shoes are stunning..Wish you all an amazing Tuesday

  10. Gorgeous post Kate! I'm heading over to check out their blog now.
    Happy New Year by the way :)

  11. Looks like you really know how to throw a party! I'm not surprised!!

  12. Great tips and i adore that bowed detail on the sleeve of that gorgeous dress! I know i'd have a ball at one of the DesignChic duo's party!! XX

  13. Glittery gold in heels & china always a fave ... as are the duo behind Design Chic. Lovely, ladies, just lovely.

  14. All these party ideas make me want to throw a formal cocktail party...just for an excuse to play dress up! (and to behave like an adult! :)