9 Party Items for the New Year - Haven and Home

Next in the series of party "must haves" from stylish fellow bloggers is the lovely and talented Marianne from HAVEN AND HOME. You will love her great eye and southern charm!

1. Coasters like THESE
2. Prosecco for Morning, Noon or Night, this is always a crowd favorite. Try NINO FRANCO

3. Something sparkly like this CARDIGAN.

4. Comfortable and chic shoes. When in doubt go with a WEDGE!

5. A beautifully scented candle. Marianne's favorite is RED FRUIT by Botanicus.

6. Stylish Paper Napkins. Yes, cloth napkins are preferable, but if Marianne is being honest, paper usually wins in her house.  A great source is IKEA.

7. Mason jars filled with candles and scattered down the center of the table. Instant ambiance and so simple!

8. PANDORA The genius website takes the pressure off of you to come up with a great play list.  Depending on the crowd, Marianne's favorites stations for entertaining: Van Morrison, Bruno Mars and Girls Just Want To Have Fun.

9. RECIPE CARDS When guests request the recipe, Marianne gives them a personal recipe card.  Love this idea!

Mason Jar Image: Apartment Therapy

Marianne - You truly have southern hospitality! I want a seat at your table.


  1. Great ideas! I especially love the recipe cards! Friends are always asking for recipes and in the middle of a party, I always claim that I'll e-mail it and then forget to do it. And wedges are always great, especially for a lawn party.

  2. Love the Prosecco idea. Always festive. I just got Pandora..excited.
    Mary Ann

  3. Great post, Marianne!
    I love the mason jar idea for outdoors. Just stunning!

  4. I love these posts Kate... keep em coming!!!
    Have a wonderful week.

  5. Love this series Kate! And such terrific ideas today - love proseco (but didn't know this brand) and the idea for the mason jars - fun!

  6. I am starting a party file...you have a bevy of beautiful ideas from so many party peeps.

  7. Great ideas, Marianne! I will definitely stop by this blog again for wonderful party ideas. I adore the mason jar and recipe card ideas!

  8. Might this be the beginnings of a Party Resources book? :)

    I love all of Marianne's suggestions - mason jars are so great for candles. I get them free with my ice tea from my favorite bbq place. I just need to start a collection for entertaining in warmer temps!

  9. This is such a fun series Kate! I have a stash of Ikea napkins in my pantry. Hmmm, don't think those are my corfortable shoes tho but they are cute! xo Cathy

  10. Your blog is just heaven...thanks for the inspiration :))

  11. That sequin vest is gorgeous... and so my style ;-)

    Happy Monday Darling! xo