This is a blog about entertaining with style. So why the Saab? A week ago I was driving south on the Merritt and lost control of my car, crossed two lanes and flipped my car. Terrifying. Epic. I don't recommend it.

I was pinned upside down by the roof and my seat belt while kind strangers ran up to the side of my car convinced I would be dead. Thank god for Saabs!

I was cut out of the car by the fire department and taken by ambulance to the Stamford Hospital ER. I had a concussion, swelling (my face looked like a character out of Avatar), and bruises, but was so so so lucky. My Jack Russell Terrier, Auggie, also flipped and was fine. Amazing.


I have spent the last week laying low (yes I do my blog posts in advance - so no lack of party fun) and counting my blessings. Still can't quite believe it happened, though I do remember every minute of the crash. 

Everyone has been kind, but a few folks were extraordinary in the care that they showed me and my dog! With profuse thanks: New Canaan Fire Department, New Canaan Police Department, Mary, Dixie, Rom, Lucia, Thaddeus and Jenn. Thank you! The black eyes are fading, the swelling is gone, but this is a life changing event for sure. 

Not to worry, back to party posts on Monday! 


  1. Kate, it is a miracle you're alive. And, thank God you are! Continue to lay low. The party won't go on without you, I promise!

    xo Elizabeth

  2. Kate- I would love to send you a book that I just finished....all about miracles. We will be waiting and at the ready to celebrate in style when you are feeling up to it. You poor dear. Grateful is right!

  3. Kate,
    I am so sorry to learn about this. You are a lucky person!
    Good to hear that you are doing better and will fully recover. We do have someone looking after us.

  4. We are so very grateful, too, Kate. What I also found remarkable is that despite the battering your Saab took, you really looked none the worse for wear just a couple of days after! If anyone could handle such an accident with poise, it would be you!


  5. Oh Kate - thank god you're ok!! And your adorable dog too!! What a terrifying experience. I remember there was an accident on the Merritt near exit 37 last week - must have been you!!

  6. Kate,
    Oh my goodness, I'm sitting here shocked. You are so lucky and I'm counting your blessings/my blessings (I consider you a friend) that you are healthy and okay. What can I do to help? I was just on the Merritt yesterday and I'll be on it again tomorrow. Wow. Your doggie is so cute, can I watch him?

  7. Kate,
    I am so sorry you had to go through such a tramatic ordeal! I've been in 3 awful car accidents, so I know a bit of what that feels like...emotionally. Take care of yourself and pup!

  8. OMG Kate! I'm in shock, can't even begin to imagine what it must feel like physically or emotionally, must be an incredibly scary and out of this world experience. Thank God you're alive.
    Take care,
    Claudia :))

  9. This is eerie... my friend Doreen, aka style maniac, recommended some blogs for me to check out for our new network and yours was the 1st I clicked. Why eerie? Two months ago I posted almost the same picture of my VW Cabrio on my blog.
    I was t-boned at a red light and somehow escaped with just bruising. It's the 2nd time a VW Cabrio saved my life, so now I'm lobbying for them to sponsor my blog! I'll write about my love affair with them and sing their praises, as I'm sure you will with Saab!
    So glad you survived, and your dog too. Also glad I found your blog.
    All the best, barbara

  10. Yikes! Kate you were so fortunate! And I know you were also glad not to have hurt someone else. Please stay safe.

  11. What a scary, scary
    accident you and your doggie
    survived.....I'd still be
    shaking in my boots, days
    later. Thank goodness all
    turned out okay, in the end.
    Please be kind to yourself....
    and throw Auggie a few extra
    biscuits, too!
    xx Suzanne

  12. Kate - I am so very glad you are all right. That sounds like a very scary experience. Give yourself time and space to recover from it. We only drive Saabs - so happy yours took protective care of you. XX Michele

  13. How scary!! So glad to hear you're ok!!

  14. Oh I just saw this. I am so sorry but also so glad that you and your pup are safe--what a miracle. Take care of yourself!

  15. Oh Kate... I saw this the other day on my while using my iphone and was also so incredibly grateful for how things turned out! There is nothing more frightening than a dramatic car accident. You have a wonderful guardian angel and it's clearly not your time... Thank God!!
    You've been in my thoughts and prayers of gratitude all week. So happy and grateful you are OK.
    God Bless,

  16. Oh my gosh, Kate. So sorry to hear of your accident, but delighted that you and your precious dog are OK. Take good care of yourself!!

  17. Kate, I am catching up on my blog reading and was stunned to read this entry. Thank God you survived. The party will wait for you. Please take the time to heal.

    ~ c

  18. Kate - I'm so sorry to hear about this! I had dinner with the girls last night who told me all about it. We would've been by your side at Stamford had we known... I hope you're on the mend and feeling better!