Party in Phuket

We have gotten over 50 inches of snow in Boston and it is only mid January! I am over it. Really. Truly. Done. 

I recently came across photos of the BANYAN TREE RESORT in Phuket. How nice would it be to escape the winter doldrums here? Oh to plan a party (or attend a party) in Phuket. Yes, please! 


  1. I'm ready. Bags are packed with sandals and swimsuit. I'm outta here!

    (Though today's snowfall is unusually beautiful and calming. It's almost sucking me in and making me forget about my frozen pipes. Yep. Frozen pipes!)

    xo E

  2. Kate, This place could make summer much more bearable for me. I seriously love the first image.
    I hope that you are feeling better.

  3. Turning my back to the snowy scene outside my window so I can pretend I am in Phuket!

  4. Beautiful!! Do you know Heather from Concrete Jungle? She lives there!! Can you imagine - go visit when you have a chance - she's lovely!

  5. Okay - so who's planning the party and how can I get on the invitation list? So gorgeous and warm looking...

  6. O.K., Kate.... what time should I pick you up? Think my family would notice I were missing?! hee hee (of course, when dinner time came around they would be looking for me)! LOVE that last photo of the pool. I am so craving the tropics. xo

  7. Oh my gosh...we stayed there 10 years ago and it was heavenly. We had our own pool and two private outdoor showers. They even cooked for us there one night. Strange delicious fruit was placed in our room everyday and the pool boys played soccer with our eight year old son on the beach.
    Thanks for the memories :)
    Mary Ann