Wedding in the Mountains

While I realize that summer is the most popular time for weddings, I think there is something magical about a wedding in the winter. The rich colors, the crisp white, photos in the snow and a touch of fur!

How fun are these details from various weddings?

Deer are all the rage this year, and I love them incorporated as part of a wedding theme.

Bridal party fashions that embrace the season

Winter flowers

Comfort food on the menu - yes please!

Some cake ideas that are perfect for this time of year

Images: The Knot, Martha Stewart, Style Me Pretty


  1. One of my closest friends had a gorgeous winter wedding in Aspen years ago. It was hands down one of the most amazing weddings I have ever attended.

    The ice skates under the wedding dress....well, I think this is a bride I woul adore!

    xo E

  2. I love winter weddings and these are beautiful! And right now, oh so craving that mug of hot chocolate with the donut on the stirrer!
    xo Cathy

  3. Our daughter married in December and I thought it was the most fabulous time to marry...so romantic!!

  4. Ok... so now I want to go to place where snow is 2 feet deep and there are chocolate cakes and coffee and donuts. Luscious.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Kate.

  5. This post is sooooo fabulous. Makes me want to get married all over again (to the same wonderful man) and in the mountains..oh how glorious this is! Now I have to start working on one of my sons to allow me to take charge when that big day comes:) Thanks for these inspriational photos..WOW!
    I am new to blogworld (blog is about 3 weeks old) its about the building of our dream home and my love for fine decor and design. hope you might take a look...love your blog!

  6. If I have own those cakes. I won't eat it. It's so beautiful. :D