9 Party Items for the New Year - Pretty Pink Tulips

Elizabeth was the very first blogger to contact me when I launched the blog last summer. It turns out we have some fabulous mutual friends. She is one of the kindest, warmest and stylish ladies online and I adore her. Be sure to check out her blog PRETTY PINK TULIPS and you, too, will be a fan!  I had to include her in my 9 in the New Year Series.

Items for a birthday luncheon for a girlfriend

1. Calligraphied Invitations - This one is from SARA'S PARTY PERFECT

2.  Pink Peonies - Elizabeth's favorite flower (shhhhhh....don't tell the tulips) Order some HERE

3. Real Glasses - Sometimes people like to use plastic glassware, but Elizabeth is a firm believer in real glasses. How about THESE from Crate and Barrel? They are stylish and inexpensive. 

4. Pink Champagne - Elizabeth's favorite is LAURENT-PERRIER CUVEE ROSE BRUT

5. Outdoor Venue - While not always possible, it makes an event magical. How beautiful is this table setting from SUNDAY SUPPERS?

6. A Beautiful Cake - This one is an angel food cake from style maven CAROLYNE ROEHM

7. Celebration Candles - Tall skinny TAPERS are so elegant!

8. Monogrammed Cocktail Napkins - The very best are from LEONTINE LINENS and make any occasion a bit more elegant.

9. Party Favors - Elizabeth always gives her guests a "little something" as they are leaving.

Elizabeth - Please put me on your invite list!

Top Image: Casa Sugar, Bottom Image: Everything Fabulous


  1. This might be the best guest post in this series! Oh, I want to go to her stylish party too! Awesome tips... love the skinny tapers. xo

  2. Exactly the type of chic (and pink) tips I would expect from Ms. Elizabeth! Love these picks!

  3. Love Elizabeth and her stylish tips - she is the quintessential hostess with the mostest!

  4. I am so not surprised by this A list from A lister Mizz Elizabeth! I couldn't agree more :) I would love to on her guest list!! XOXO

  5. I love all these!

    May all your gardens grow!

  6. Hi Kate,
    So thrilled to be part of your Party Essentials series. I do love a good party and planning for and hosting mine is a one of my favorite things to do.

    Looking forward to one day partying with you in person!!
    xoxo elizabeth

  7. Not surprisingly, I loved every single suggestion! Peonies are my favorite as well and the Laurent Perrier is my go to rose champagne - I knew I liked that girl!!

  8. I love those monogrammed cocktail napkins. Wonderful tips Elizabeth! XX

  9. So lovely...could you give some examples of the little gifts you give to guests?

  10. Fabulous post, Kate. Love all of these ideas. Would love to see some examples of these tiny tapers being used. I love them.
    I hope that your week is off to a great start.

  11. Pretty, pink and Elizabeth - a perfect party resource!
    xo Cathy

  12. The 2 of you are my go to gals for the best party tips!! It's no wonder you had so many friends in common and now are best blog buds :)
    (Did you get a new car yet? My Mom got in a little fender bender on Christmas Eve and just got a pre-owned Lexus and loves it)
    Wishing you a wonderful week Kate!!!

  13. I would covet an invite to one of Elizabeth's pretty parties!
    She exudes such bonny! Such southern style with divine grace with everything she creates! What a giving heart with thoughtful party favors.

  14. Gorgeous and Simple...love it al!

  15. Love, love love it all! What a simply divine party!

  16. Ah, I love Elizabeth! This is just lovely, and not at all surprising, she has the most fabulous taste! XX!

  17. Yes, I would love to be invited to any party Elizabeth is hosting:)

  18. Wonderful tips and beautiful pics. Of course, I wouldn't expect anything less from Pretty Pink Tulips!

  19. It all looks perfectly elegant and wonderful. Elizabeth has a real knack for making her guest feel welcomed and special. i love this series!! It is fun to see ideas for the upcoming Spring months!! OOOOH I bet summer will be really fun too,Kathysue

  20. All the elements for a perfect luncheon party. would love to be invited. It's so fun to feel like a special guest! Love this series. Mona

  21. I think beautiful party glasses are key to great event design...and you picked some stellar ones! Loving this post!

  22. i just clicked order some "here" and it was our site...you are so sweet - thanks so much! loved stopping in to visit your blog!
    all the best - amy

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    nice post, thanks for sharing......