got cupcakes?

Clearly the cupcake craze is here to stay. I love these images from MARTHA STEWART of fun ideas how to serve them at a wedding or party. Visit her site for all of the "how tos". 

My favorite spot here in Boston is SWEET CUPCAKES

How adorable are these cupcake flags from ETSY?

Or these cupcake kits from MERI MERI - love them!


  1. I LOVE cupcakes, and I intend on visiting these sites to get ideas. I would love to order something from Meri Meri. Adorable.

  2. I love this post Kate!
    I guess I just love cupcakes!!!

  3. YUM - so dangerous to read your posts when I'm hungry!! And so beautiful - that strawberry shortcake version is calling to me!

  4. I love having a special treat from our local Bakehouse for my daughter, a simple cup-cake brings such smiles after a test, after school.

  5. I love Sweet Cupcakes too.... Logan and I always go there when we visit Harvard Square, (love the Anthropologie there too)! I can never decide which one to get, they all look so good. Last time she got one in an icecream cone! xo

  6. oh my!...really, truly beautiful :))
    love the rectangular cake stands...divine...xo

  7. I knew coming on to blogworld would make having the flu a little more tolerable:) Wow these images are soo beautiful and making me hungry! I live the pic of the cupcakes in the blue and white hat boxes...amazingly beautiful. Then that line from Meri Meri I know well, we baked tons of Christmas cupcakes and used their Nutcracker ornmentations, they were so adorable, just wish they were edible!

  8. Bite size bliss! Love the three different sizes stacked up on each other!
    xo Cathy