Interview: Celebrity Florist Lewis Miller

Our friend and catering phenom PETER CALAHAN first introduced us to the jaw dropping work of celebrity florist/designer LEWIS MILLER. After seeing a few pictures of a party that Peter and Lewis collaborated on for Labor Day it was love at first sight. Here are a few images of the party with orange pop and I love the faux graffiti.

Lewis is not only crazy talented, he is so so nice (just like Peter). Born and raised in California farm country amid olive, almond and peach orchards and gardens full of cabbage roses, sweet peas, and wisteria, Lewis Miller developed a respect for nature early on. At 18, he moved to Seattle where he studied horticulture and landscape design. After seven years of successfully pursuing his interests in design, flowers, and event planning, Lewis moved to New York. In March of 2002, Lewis’ vision of a country life in a metropolitan setting inspired him to create LMD New York, Lewis Miller Design. 

A few other beautiful examples of Lewis' work - amazing!

Now that you have seen some of his work, and know a bit about Lewis' background, let's get to the interview shall we??

How did you get in to design and flowers?
Long story - not very interesting really. Love to make things beautiful. I am a Gemini with a short attention span. There you go.

Two "must haves" when you entertain at home?
Help and alcohol.

What is your greatest extravagance?
NYC in the winter is assault on the senses. To make it a bit more agreeable, I just ordered from a furrier here in NYC the most magnificent coyote fur blanket lined with grey pinstripe cashmere flannel. I can't wait to sleep in it!

Two famous people you would love to have at your next dinner party?
Madonna and Lady Gaga. Oh, wouldn't that be fun! I would heap the center of the table with masses of hydrangeas and then watch them fly.

A few hot design trends that you think are fantastic? 
I'm feeling the need to glam things up a bit and am loving metallic finishes - especially burnished gold and bronze, minerals, alabaster, mother of pearl - things that look like they were mined from the earth or found in the sea. 

And a few that you could leave behind?
The farmhouse table, Mason jar, weather vane, faux 18th century hipster crafty look has got to go. Shoo shoo.

Two things you can't live without?
Travel and books.

The best party you ever attended and why?
Haven't been there yet.

What would people be surprised to learn about you?
I'm very shy. Used to be endearing, now just mistaken for indifference. Not cute.

Thanks, Lewis!


  1. OMG his florals are like an incredible still life--thanks for the introduction!

  2. I have often sat in awe at looking at Peter's creations. Now to be introduced to Lewis is such a treat too. Both are so superbly talented. XOXO.

  3. AW! Love his last comment about being shy... just like my husband! What a doll... The floral arrangements are fabulous... what a talent!
    Thanks for sharing this one!

  4. What a doll!!! I'm a Gemini too, so completely get that. Agree with his 2 party must haves...and want him to share his source for that fur blanket.

    Fabulous interview - he's such a talent!! xoxo

  5. Love Lewis!! What a great sounding guy...love his off the cuff humor (so get that) and his idea of 2 essentials for a party, his dinner guests, his shyness being mistaken for "something else" ....sounds like a ball! I would love to have HIM at MY next party, I bet hes a live wire and fun to have around not to mention he is obviously enormously talented. Beautiful work!! Thanks Kate and Lewis!

  6. Thanks for sharing this! I love Lewis! All of his florals are so different, yet that each are beautifully done. I could sit for hours studying his stuff. Hope you have a grand evening. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  7. Great post and gorgeous photos! I love that his work never looks like it came from the same person. This is true creativity. Lucky you to have been able to interview him!

  8. Xquisite! Every one of his designs are stunning. I shall follow his blog and learn from a master. Great interview with smart answers too! p.s. How cute is that 9 1/2 bridesmaids photo :)

  9. Oh.my.Glory! What exquisite designs. Thanks so much for sharing.