Party Details: Dinner and Concert in Our Barn


My cousin RAIN PERRY is an uber talented singer. She flew in from LA a few weeks ago and Dixie hosted a wonderful dinner in our barn followed by an intimate concert with Rain - what a treat!

The house and barn in CT get party ready. Cocktails in the house, a seated dinner in the barn and then back to the house for dessert and the concert.

Lanterns guide the way from the house to the barn

Chef ANNE GALLAGHER cooked a fabulous meal, as always! For nibbles to accompany cocktails, Anne made three different variations of herbed cheese biscuits. Yum!

The first course was a Field Green salad with local greens 

The feel of the party was rustic, country casual so Dixie wanted comfort food. Anne made two phenomenal versions of chilli (one beef and one vegetarian) with emdless options for toppings and homemade cornbread. To.Die.For!

Dessert was a Pear Almond Tart followed by a concert with Rain. What a great evening! 

Photos: PhanFatale, Wedding Bee, Chez Us, Simply Recipes


  1. Kate that is downright DREAMY!!!!!!! I have always wanted to have a beautiful elegant party in a barn, and you have realized my vision to perfection. Truly breathtaking!! (hey wanna host my birthdayt party in Dec.)? LOL.....the food looks amazing too......what a beautiful post!!

  2. Kate,
    This is my kind of party. Wow. Those barn shots are AMAZING. You seriously have me wanting a barn so that I can have barn parties, I'm not joking either!! Love that the menu was simple, yet spectacular. I love the idea of a chili dinner with a gazillion toppings. XOXO.

  3. OK, WOW! Rain? Dixie? That uber fab barn, not to mention your own fab place over at Lisa's blog...dying!!!!

  4. Those were beautiful images! The barn looked great with all those lights and the lanterns are such a good idea. And the food look *amazing*

  5. What a way to see a concert surrounded by loveliness and the food beats anything at Madison Square Garden hands down! Love seeing your bedroom on PPT!

  6. Ummm.....do you think Dixie would ever consider a barn raising for all your blogging friends?! I know I'd come!! :)

    That barn is amazing - what an amazing sight for a party!!

  7. How special is this? Lovely post and what a memory too.

  8. I can't believe how you guys throw the most amazing looking, totally chic and cool, yet relaxed and comfortable gathering together like it was nothing! I am so impressed with this understated yet over the top party. Just perfect in every way! I love that there aren't flowers everywhere... it's just simple and elegant and rustic... oh I could go on and on with the adjectives!
    Nicely done.

  9. So amazingly cozy and elegant!

  10. Hi Kate... enjoyed this so much that I included this post in my posts to ponder post on my blog today, thought you might want to know!

  11. HEre from The Enchanted Home! What a gorgeous, intimate, romantic party! I love barns and think they're the perfect place for a fun gathering or elegant dinner. Stunning!

  12. Hi Kate, I found you through Tina at The Enchanted Home. That looks like a great party--perfect ambiance and food. I would love to have the recipe for the tart.

    Have a wonderful day, Cindy

  13. Hello found you from Tina at enchanted home who spoke of this post and I can see why! This is amazing, you really put on a beautiful and elegant party and the setting is just dreamy. Looks like one fantastic night.
    Glad to find your blog too, am your new subscriber.

  14. Hi there! I'm here on Tina's recommendation too! Lovely post; I'm happy to "meet" you and follow your blog!


  15. What a stunning event! The sounds, sights, and smells were unforgettable I'm sure! Here's to the next one!
    xo E + J