Thanksgiving Table Settings

While I am sure most of you already have your table set, here are some last minute ideas if you are still trying to come up with a plan! I will be in Litchfield County, CT with a crew of wonderful family and friends. Dixie (aka my mum) sets the table in our house and is in charge of Thanksgiving. But if I were setting the table, I would go with one of these beautiful settings for inspiration. Which is your favorite?

Photo Credits: Country Living, Lonny and Eddie Ross, Delish, New England Fine Living, Showplace Inc., Martha Stewart


  1. Was just pondering my table decor for Thursday...thanks for the timely inspiration!!

  2. All stunning, this year my setting is going to be rather basic but next year, I am going to pull all the stops when I get to have all my goodies unpacked! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I'm so thankful that my in-laws host the big day and that the decorating bit is done by someone else! But Christmas Eve is coming soon so I guess I should start planning...

  4. These settings are gorgeous. I'm partial to 5th one because it's so different! Love those feathers. Would love for you to check out my table setting creation and let me know what you think: http://www.fashion-isha.com/2011/11/daily-buzz-moms-9x9-thanksgiving-table.html


  5. I love them all, but Eddie's is my favorite!!! (2nd one with the blue glasses). No one does a tablescape better!!

    xoxo E