6 Party Items For Spring - That Girl in Pearls

How can you not love a blog titled THAT GIRL IN PEARLS? Beatriz is the voice behind this fab blog and she has great style, combined with South American beauty and a sense of humor. Be sure to hop over and check it out. She was kind enough to share her "6 for Spring".

1. A Great Cocktail A Watermelon Mojito from the consummate hostess - Martha Stewart. RECIPE

2. Party Tunes If you are looking for perfect ambiance music, Hans Zimmer is your "go to" guy. Try the soundtrack from the movie IT'S COMPLICATED.

3. Flowers  Any party is not complete without beautiful flowers. Beatriz heads to her local flower shop for a beautiful bunch of pink peonies or white hydrangeas.

4. Tres Leches Cake  Being from South America, Beatriz's favorite dessert is tres leches cake. It is so easy and so incredibly delicious! RECIPE

5. The perfect outfit  

The BCBG FEI FEI DRESS is simple, bet so refined with that modern cut. A definite outfit for that "who is that girl" double take.

LOEFFLER RANDALL PAIGE SANDALS The mesh is such a soft detail and seems almost invisible and will go with a hundred more outfits that you put together. 

Danielle Stevens turquoise NECKLACE. The perfect touch of spring color.

Carla Mancini Binoche White Bow CLUTCH. For an over-the-top girly look, this bag is perfect.

6. Laughter and great conversation with friends

Top Image: L’Olivier

Thanks Beatriz! I knew you would know how to entertain with flair!


  1. Love this post! Looks like a party I would not only want to be invited to but would be very comfortable attending....great ideas and great style.

  2. That tres leche cake sounds divine....and I love her idea about the It's Complicated sound track. Loved the movie --- never thought about the music.

    Beatriz is obviously a warm and gracious hostess!!!

  3. How fun! I want to throw a party now. She has included all the elements. I will definitely be getting the It's Complicated soundtrack.

  4. that sandals and necklace look amazing :)

  5. Oh yes...it's wonderful list :))

  6. love all beatriz's ideas, especially the turquoise necklace!

  7. Beatriz had me at the watermelon mojito - I'm off to check out her blog!

  8. Love all Beatriz's marvelous suggestions!! And I think I may have to check out those beautiful sandals - what a versatile style and color!!

  9. My mom make a delicious tres leches cake!

    P.S. That bow clutch is adorable!

  10. so great! that outfit is perfect!

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