What's For Dinner: Pasta with Pancetta

Easy enough for a weeknight and delicious enough to serve for company. This pasta has pancetta and parmesan - enough said! RECIPE

Paired with a Caprese Salad with a Basil Vinaigrette RECIPE

And a bottle of CHIANTI of course!


  1. fresh tomatoes, basil and mozarella...doesn't get any better than that...love Spring!!

  2. Ugh...I kind of wish you had put some caution tape up over this post. I started something called a diet yesterday and do have a slight pasta fetish (actually a parmesan fetish too) lol. I have NO willpower when it comes to pasta, cheese, wine, bread, Italian anything's, you get the picture....just made the best recipe for spaghetti al carbonara last week and no it wasn't a dietetic recipe..haha...but it was seriously good and this reminds em a lot of that! I could live on salad caprese..fresh mozzarella..yum! This is the way I like to eat! Now I am REALLY hungry....suddenly my tuna salad isn't sounding so good.....