Derby Day Party

Even if you don't live in the South, you can still gather your friends for a Derby Day Party. Start with one of these invites from PAPERLESS POST

Roses in a vintage trophy for the centerpiece

Mint Juleps are a must - RECIPE

Cocktail Napkins for the event can be found HERE

For cocktail nibbles - Toasted Pecans RECIPE

And Baked Brie RECIPE

Ham and Biscuits RECIPE

And a southern classic - Baby Hot Browns RECIPE

A Bib Green Salad with Avocado RECIPE

For dessert - Chocolate Bourbon Pie RECIPE

And Bourbon Truffles RECIPE

Now off to the races! 

Top Image: Park Avenue Potlock


  1. Yum, yum, yum - I'd be racing for the finish line for these!

  2. Oh my lord...probably not a great idea coming here to drool over this post...not only am I on a diet but being originally from the south and growing up having a mother and grandmother who regularly made many of these these heavenly concoctions.....made the memories flood back especially the toasted pecans and baked brie....the best!!!!! I still make both when I entertain....but have NO willpower and rendeer myself helpless against both. Wonderful post.....

  3. This menu is seriously tdf! YUM!

  4. I'm usually driving through Kentucky around Derby Day and always wishing I could stop and smell the roses while sipping a mint julep.
    xo Cathy

  5. You throw the BEST parties!!! Lucky for me, a couple originally from Kentucky host the best Derby party each year. Hats encouraged, mint juleps flowing, multiple big screens set up outside, friendly betting (I won 2 years ago!) and even Kentucky fried chicken is served (with a wink, of course).

    Hope you're doing something fabulous for the day!
    xo E

  6. YUMO!!! I just told Elizabeth at Pretty pink tulips I would love to go to the derby and wear a pretty pink floppy hat and eat all of this delicious food would be a huge plus!! Kathysue

  7. I need to show my Kentucky Derby glasses!
    Winning party tips!