Charming Rustic Wedding

While we can all agree that weddings with over-the-top details are stunning, there is something charming about a simple low-key wedding. This wedding from STYLE ME PRETTY on an organic farm in my home state of Massachusetts completely one with me over!

The bride's mother made the dress by hand. The brides friends all gathered together to hand stich pearls on to the veil. (Who does this in this day and age - amazing!)

All the food and flowers were locally grown on the couple’s own farm. The entire wedding took place at the farm, making it even more special.

Other fun details


  1. This is AMAZING! In my next life I want to be a chic farmer and host my own wedding with all my own food and produce, get married in a gorgeous rustic barn, look beautiful while eating watermelon wedges and wearing a homemade dress that will have everyone green with envy! This is beautiful and very inspirational. Proof that sometimes the less is more theory really is true!

  2. Lovely!! I had a very low key wedding as well - not quite as rustic but I loved the intimacy of it!

  3. Would love a do-over (with the same hubby, of course!) and have a low-key, country wedding like this... Don't know if the friends would pitch in and sew, though!

  4. What a wonderful way to begin the rest of your life...pure bliss!
    Claudia xo