Cheers to Summer!


  1. Loving all the lemony goodness!! I think I need to buy one of those big glass dispensers for the summer and just sit it on the counter with lots of ice!!

  2. Love this. Who doesn't love old fashioned lemonade? This post is beautiful.....love it with an herb sprig in a clear glass container...looks so fresh and appetizing. Love the idea of serving it in the old fashioned Mason jars..very cute!

  3. Love the beautiful cheerfulness of the photo spread. Where would I purchase the clear glass wine-bottle/jars with the clamp-tops (the first pic on the photo spread)?

    Please email me and let me know at hildachacon001@yahoo.com.

    Thanks so much! Love your blog.

  4. When you're given lemons, you make lemonade and these inspired pictures are making my mouth water!

  5. Love good ole fashioned lemonade, especially in the mason jars! Add a slice of lemon and that yellow striped straw....and it's sheer perfection!

    xo Elizabeth

  6. Hi. I'm doing a post this week on how to make an inspiration board. I have found a website (big huge labs) where I can plug in photos and choose a layout. Would you mind sharing with me how you make your inspiration boards? I love the lemonade mosaic... so summery! Or do you use a special program?
    I'm linking your website from my post with a compliment...