Thursday Obsession: Sweet Basil in Vail

Vail is beautiful year-round. There is no question the skiing is some of the best in the world and the Rockies are stunning blanketed in snow. 

But my favorite time to head to the Vail Valley is summer. The town is relaxed, not nearly as crowded and the mountains are covered with wildflowers.  You can hike for miles along babbling brooks. 

Or you can spend the day playing golf, white water rafting, biking or riding

My favorite restaurant in Vail is SWEET BASIL. I have eaten their countless times and have always had a fantastic meal and excellent service. When we decided where to have Dixie's 60th, we knew Sweet Basil would be the perfect spot. It is not easy impressing a high-end event planner with her own party, and they did a phenomenal job!

Vail has more Wine Spectator Award-winning restaurants than any other resort community in the US. Even in this competitive market, Sweet Basil stands apart, and has for over three decades.

Zagat readers voted Sweet Basil Colorado’s most popular restaurant. Unlike many other area restaurants, in Vail — Sweet Basil is open for lunch and dinner nearly every day of the year, with reservations always recommended. 


  1. You do a great job of making me want to hop on the next plane to Vail!! Colorado is sooo beautiful year round and I have always wanted to go during the summer, we have friends that go to Aspen for the food and wine festival and invite us every year but wiht my kids schedule it just never works out. Maybe this summer (or next) we can change that and I can finally get to see Colorado under all the snow....looks like a real treat indeed!!

  2. Oh my goodness, Sweet Basil is one of my favorite restaurants in the world! Love that place and I LOVE Vail, it is my favorite place to snowboard. Like you, I've had the most amazing meals at Sweet Basil. Just to hear the name conjures up memories of years of snowboarding and dining there! You and I have to meet, we have so many common threads!

  3. We literally eat every meal there for days when visiting Vail! LOVE it!
    And love your blog! Your last post with the inspiration board inspired me to learn how to make them which is the subject of today's post!

  4. Ahhh...I love Sweet Basil. And this post is reminding me it has been far too long since I've been there.

    xoxo Elizabeth