Monkey Business

There is something about monkeys that make me smile. Nobody rocks them better than IOMOI. Any of the fun images below can be personalized for an ice bucket, coasters, and many other great gifts.

A dear friend gave me a set of Lynn Chase's Monkey Business Plates years ago and they are still a favorite of mine. They are no longer available, but you may be able to find a set on EBAY.

Assorted small trays from JULISKA

Or a pair of SALT AND PEPPER shakers

A set of CHOPSTICKS for your little ones

How about this Scalamandre Fabric for a custom tablecloth? Not inexpensive, but I love the print! VENETIAN CARNIVAL

Suddenly I am craving a banana...


  1. I adore monkeys too!
    Love Iomoi products. They are located just 30 min. down the road from me! I also love Lynn Chase. I scored some of her pieces at Home Goods several years ago.
    How's your summer going Kate?

  2. What fun - I love all these playful monkeys as well. Iomoi has the cutest things!

  3. I can see no evil, hear no evil or speak no evil of this post! I have a favorite bag with three little monkeys that would be a perfect accessory for your table!

  4. I loooove monkeys. Kristy has the Juliska petite singe china pattern and I adore it!!