Summer Hostess Gifts

During the summer months, many of us will be guests at someone's home for the weekend. Here are some fun ideas for gifts - as you should never arrive empty handed!

A SEA URCHIN vase (perfect for a beach house) filled with fresh flowers from your garden or local market

A candle from NEST

Paired with elegant MATCHES

A lobster bottle opener from MARIPOSA

And a case of LEMONADE

A set of oyster shells which you can find HERE

Along with gourmet SEA SALT 

A set of summer napkins in a fun print from ROBERTA ROLLER which would be perfect for entertaining outdoors. I have a set and use them all the time! 

Melamine Suzani plates from BONGENRE for picnics or the patio

A chic tray from JUST SCANDINAVIAN

Happy travels! 


  1. Love these ideas, especially the monogrammed towel (my post is on monograms today),what beautiful lemonade..would love to get a case of that! And last love the idea of a beautiful candle and gorgeous matches to go along with it...wonderful ideas!!
    Stop by..doing an amazing giveaway for a stunning Kilim bench!

  2. Oh, great choices! I think I need to invite you over! xo

  3. What a lovely collection of ideas! Love the case of lemonade!

  4. All good choices! Love the sea salt & fresh ground peppercorns on summer ripened tomatoes!
    xo Cathy

  5. Love this post... and love your picks!
    What great ideas...

  6. Loving your hostess gift picks - especially that lobster claw opener. Would definitely come in handy at the Cape this summer!

  7. Well, I would be delighted with everything, but those handtowels have my name (er, initial) written all over them!!! I love to do pairings too...and might borrow a few of your ideas!!!

    Hope you're off to a great summer, filled with weekend escapes!
    xo Elizabeth