Christmas in Savannah

One of my most favorite cousins (Jane) lives in the beautiful historic section of Savannah. If you have not visited this wonderful city, you need to book a trip! Jane was kind enough to take us on a walking tour of Savannah during the holidays. Before Christmas 2011 feels like a distant memory, I wanted to share the photos with all of you. Ready to enjoy a tour with southern charm? Me, too!

If you look closely in this window, you can spot Jane!


  1. was in Savannah for Christmas a few years ago-I was so ready to move there! Lovely photos-Happy New Year Kate!

  2. Such a beautiful town.
    Thank you for sharing these gorgeous images.

  3. Beautiful! What a perfect location for Christmas - the old South is full of tradition and so is Christmas - a match made in heaven...
    Thank you so much for sharing and giving me a mini-vacation this morning!


  4. I have been remiss to not have yet traveled to Savannah. Christmas there looks like southern perfection.

  5. How magical and pretty! I was actually thinking of Savannah for spring break with the kids and this may have sealed the deal!

  6. I've only been to Savannah once - and I must go again. The pure "Southerness" of the town is like a warm blanket. Love anything with magnolia so wreaths x 3 is even better than 1!

    Hope you're having a wonderful start to your year. It's freeeeeeezing here today, so I'm guessing it's even worse in Boston! Stay warm.

    xoxo Elizabeth

  7. It's my favorite city. I think I want to move there! I just adore everything about it. Loved seeing these gorgeous pics.. The front doors with the large wreath are spectacular!