One Year Ago

A year ago tomorrow I was driving my Saab south on the Merritt near New Canaan, CT and lost control of my car, crossed two lanes and flipped my car. Terrifying. 

I was pinned upside down by the roof while kind strangers ran up to the side of my car convinced I would be dead. Thank god for Saabs! It easily could have been a fatality, so today I wanted to pause....take a break from entertaining posts and be grateful. In the hustle and bustle of every day life, it is easy to forget how precious it is...

My Jack Russell Terrier, Auggie, also flipped and was fine. Amazing.


Back to party posts on Monday! 


  1. Thank God you came out of it unharmed... It wasn't your time!!!!
    What an appropriate post of gratitude, Kate.
    I swear that year went so fast.
    I'm curious, did you get another Saub?
    Wishing you a relaxing weekend my sweet friend.

  2. Wow Kate that is terrifying. Believe it or not my husband nearly had the same accident coming FROM Ct. on the Cross Island Pkwy...flipped over three times across the entire width, and when he landed upside down and was thrown to the back of the car, his opera music was still playing, he thought he had died and was in heaven...miraculously he was fine except for some glass in his eye and a brief hospital stay...he looked at life very differently from that day forward (as did our entire family) So glad you both were fine too...these types of events in life really do put everything in perspective!

  3. I remember when you had that accident last year and how fortunate you were to walk away. It's glad you're able to look back a year later with gratitude. Its a good reminder for all of us.

    I feel the same way about Saabs. We have 3 (my son drives) and I think we're a bit "emotionally"attached to them. Next week my husband is going to his mom's 80th b'day party in upstate NY and is bringing my 9-3 up to our Saab guy (Tired Iron, Saquoit) to have all it's little ailments fixed and give it a new lease on life at 117,000 miles. The current Saab bankruptcy is so serious and I hope they find a new buyer who can bring them back to their pre-GM days. Can't imagine a world without Saabs.

  4. Oh my goodness Kate. I remember this post one year ago and I remember commenting. How lucky you are safe and healthy. Thank goodness your little fella was safe too. I'm with you, well made cars can save a life, as Saab did for you. No price tag on that. Have a wonderful weekend. xoxo.

  5. You deserve a break today! I remember this happening. Close.

  6. It's moments like these in life where you're grateful for everything that comes your way - the good and the bad. So happy you and Auggie are safe and hope you'll venture down the Merritt to see us soon!

  7. We are all so glad that you are fine-what a horrible experience! xxBarbara

  8. How frightening. So glad to hear you and Auggie are okay. Take time today to reflect on such good fortune.

  9. I was wondering how that car was going to fit into a party resources post! Thank goodness all is well... very good of you to take a moment to remember how lucky you are! I remember when my kids were younger, (especially one in particular) I would thank my lucky stars every night that they made it through the day - that kind of a kid... and still is! (Just an impulsive, dare devil risk-taker... nothing serious)
    Thanks for sharing.. thank goodness for happy endings!!

  10. How terrifying. You are right to pause and be grateful for such a blessing. The Merritt always frightened me because Robert Moses built it for small passenger cars, and it is narrow and very winding. And as I am sure you know, Auggie is adorable. He looks like a Puddin Jack Russell because of the short legs. Anyway, take the day off, you deserve it.
    All the best...Victoria

  11. Wow - Kate - I'm just seeing this as I search your site for ideas.....thank God you're OK. Irony is that I did the exact same thing on the drive from Philadelphia to Colgate back in '93 - I too was in a Saab and too flipped - breaking both axels. Only reason we're all alive (even the girl in the backseat had on her seatbelt) is that Saabs, Volvos, and Mercedes have the kind of roof reinforcement to insure it doesn't crumple in a wreck and break your neck. So scary. Much to be grateful for....