Fabulous Flowers - Amaryllis

As many of us are packing up the tree, the ornaments and most of the Christmas fun, 

Amaryllis are the perfect way to add cheer to your home or table in January. For the how to on planting a bulb for bloom go HERE. 

Images: Southern Living, Tiny White Daisies, Distinct Interiors, Country Living and Martha Stewart


  1. oh how wonderful! I am procrastinating on putting the decorations away... the house feels sooooo empty afterward. But what a great idea on how to transistion.

    Thank you for sharing....


  2. Amaryllis is the perfect winter flower. My paperwhites are just about to bloom - love those, too!

    xoxo E

  3. One of my favorite winter flowers, that and paperwhites. Have a huge container of white flowering amaryllis right now...and they sure do brighten up the house!

  4. What a beautiful post.. Amaryllis is a perfect alternative to ugly poinsettias.. Your images are gorgeous!

  5. I love Amaryllis - they have been a constant in our Christmas traditions here in Sweden since I was little.
    Every year we fill our dining room window with beautiful buds that open in time for Christmas. Love!

    The beauty about Christmas to us is that it starts already at the beginning of December.. All the preparations, the advent Sundays and wonderful traditions carry us right up to the 24th when we celebrate. Come Boxing Day we usually feel quite happy, content and ready to move on to the next thing! :)

    Having cleaned all the decorations away, all that is left are the flowers.. and they will keep us company well into Spring!

    x Charlotta
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