6 Party Items For Spring - Design Chic

Who is joining us this week for 6 for Spring? Beth and Kristy, the mother-daughter duo behind the blog DESIGN CHIC. I encourage you to check out their blog and you, too, will be won over by their southern style!

1. A stunning outdoor table

2. A summer menu with seasonal fare

ROASTED ASPARAGUS and ARTICHOKES are ideal for this time of year.

And assorted sweets that you can buy from your local bakery and arrange on a platter. Cut them small so people can try a few different bites.

3. A great summer sip Since Beth and Kristy are in the South, it would have to be a MINT JULEP!

4. Mood music if you can't hire live musicians, load YO YO MA on your iPod.

5. Outdoor Lighting like these beautiful lanterns from POTTERY BARN

6. The perfect party dress

Kristy's choice (she is pregnant) from NET-A-PORTER

And for Beth's pick from KATE SPADE


  1. Love the elegance, yet simplicity of their entertaining style. Good morning, yummy food and fun company sounds like the perfect al fresco dining experience.

  2. Love the idea about the music and assorted sweets! Lots of inspiration.

  3. Looks like a grand party!! Love the outdoor table setting and Kristy your dress is divine! (pregnant or not)! I also just bought a few Kate Spade pieces, incidentally..think the line is looking better than ever! A mint julep served in gorgeous silver is always a treat and any meal centered around seasonal fruits and veges is sure to be a hit! Looks like my kind of party:)

  4. Great post, ladies!
    The table is brilliant and I love thee Kate Spade dress!
    Have a great week.

  5. Oooh count me in for a mint julep!

  6. Beautiful images. Inspiring post.

  7. Love this mother/daughter team and all of their sublime ideas!!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  8. So many of my favorite things included here! LOVE artichokes + asparagus, and that striped Kate Spade is just too cute! I'm trying to justify buying it. Maybe I just to schedule an outdoor party to wear it to!

  9. With all this rain we've been having, summer meals outdoors seem like a faraway dream... Love these picks!

  10. Love the tip about the sweets.. then everyone can sample a bit of everything. xo

  11. Visiting from Design Chic...and how much fun are they?? I just bought a Kate Spade pink and white dress...so I am party ready! Having a give away that could work for your next summer party.

  12. Very inspirational post as always...:))
    Have a fantastic week:

  13. I'd love to attend any party with these chic entertaining "dos!" And, I must say, I'm not preggy but I LOVE both of the outfits and could see myself in either one! Beautiful suggestions, Beth and Kristy! Ohhh ... and yes, a mint julip would be delightful, thank you very much ;) xoxo

  14. Oh, you ladies have me desperately wishing for a fab summer party to attend! No, i don't want to actually *host* one! Then i would have to do all the work! Ha! (c; Lovely ideas, ladies...I might have to put a couple of them into pratice (c: