Farm to Table Dinners

For the last five years DINNERS AT THE FARM have been organizing open-air dinners celebrating Connecticut’s farms, food and community. Each farm produces an array of organic produce allowing the chefs to create a different six course menu every night for 16 nights.

Founded by Jonathan Rapp of River Tavern Restaurant in Chester, Drew McLachlan of Feast Gourmet Market in Deep River and Chip Dahlke of Ashlawn Farm in Lyme, the series generates awareness of the importance of local farms and the delicious, and wholesome food they provide. 

The multi-course feasts are cooked fresh that day off the back of Dinner at the Farm's signature, red, vintage cook truck–a 1955 Ford F-600.

There are still tickets available for the 2011 Season, but they are not likely to last long. Looking for a unique experience to celebrate an upcoming birthday or anniversary? Dinners at the Farm will plan a private event for you and a group of your friends. What fun for such a worthwhile cause!


  1. Amazing food in a beautiful setting.... what's not to love?! xo

  2. THANK YOU! This looks and sounds AMAZING! I love things like this..how unique. I am going to look into this today. This is so up my alley....how neat. Love the concept. What a fun thing to do and get a group of friends together for. Great idea...great post!

  3. Going to a Farm To Table dinner is something I would love to do! Can't get any fresher than that!
    xo Cathy

  4. This is something I have really wanted to do! I'm so glad to know where to do it in CT! This would make for an amazing celebration or gathering!!

    You are so in the know, Miss Kate!
    xo Elizabeth

  5. I am so checking this out - farm to table dining is a wonderful way to remember where your food comes from and who had a part in growing it! Will you join us for dinner sometime??