Thursday Obsession: My Last Supper

Ok...not THAT Last Supper, but a book I recently read about what top chefs would eat for their last meal. What a fun concept! Author Melanie Dunea interviewed, and photographed, 50 of the best chefs and asked them what they would want for their last meal. They included some of their recipes too! Find a copy HERE

The author

A few images of some famous chefs

A few of the recipes

Thomas Keller's CHICKEN


And the next book The Next Supper will be out in September.

Bottom Image: Southern Living


  1. What great images!! I think I will need to add this book to my must haves, it looks like it would be such a great read!

  2. Yummy!! Everything looks and sounds sooo good. There is another book very similiar to this but this must be a newer version...may have to get my hands on this one. Those shortbread ice cream sandwiches look really good and awfully pretty!

  3. I think I heard Faith Middleton interview the author recently and thought what a wonderful compilation of chefs and recipes - another cookbook to add to the kitchen shelves!

  4. This looks fabulous!!1 Do I see some Sunday Suppers? So sorry I haven't visited in a while. I just hate the way life gets in the way of some of the things I really love to do. Yeah!!! Tomorrow is Friday. Have a great weekend. Mona

  5. This looks like yet another cookbook I need to add to my collection! Homemade ice cream sandwiches are a favorite of mine for making for Hamptons guests! I make the ice cream, the cookies and create the yummy dessert! Why weren't you at blogfest? I would have loved to meet you! Will you be in Greenwich on Tuesday for Eddie's event? I'm going!