Modern Blooms

I often drive by HANAYA FLORAL DESIGN, as the shop is not far from where I live in Cambridge. 

Hiroko Takeshita describes her work as minimalist, with a fusion of Japanese, French, and Western influence. She was born in Kyoto, Japan, taught and practiced in Osaka, and studied with a Japanese instructor in Paris before coming to the United States 13 years ago. 

Her work is often inspired by the European gardens she has explored with her husband, now a landscape architect. Takeshita says her work contrasts the structured, sharp edges of the gardens with soft lines. 

Takeshita’s list of clients include chef Barbara Lynch’s fine-dining outpost Menton, law firm Nutter, McClennen, and & Fish, the French Cultural Center of Boston, and the New England Conservatory of Music.

Want to learn how to style blooms like these at home for your own parties? They teach small classes on Saturdays - what fun!

Text from BizBash


  1. Ooooh - these flowers have a modern, clean yet lush feeling! So pretty!

  2. Beautiful...and how interesting that she has taken 3 influences each with their own distinct style to create one gorgeous harmonious signature style all her own. Beautiful work!!

  3. So beautiful! Fresh flowers in the house is a must. Nicolex

  4. So many beautiful arrangements...need to be in those classes!!

  5. So, so stunning!!!! I'm going to the Little Flower School at the end of the month...can't wait!

    xo Elizabeth

  6. Such a beautiful display of flowers. I love them all.