Thursday Obsession: Hen of the Wood Restaurant

No not the mushrooms, but a restaurant in VT that has received rave reviews. Eric Warnstedt (Executive Chef and Owner) opened HEN OF THE WOOD in October 2005. 

It was an opportunity for him to open a place that combines a warm inviting atmosphere, in an historic setting, with seamless service and outstanding wine. 

The menus are based on the local ingredients found only miles from the restaurant in the lush Green Mountains and Champlain Valley of Vermont.

Care to join me on a road trip to the Green Mountain State?

Bottom images: Martha Stewart


  1. This is my kind of restuarant! It really isn't going out for dinner, but out for an experience. I love it when people are passionate about the meals they create, whether it be a chef or a homeowner!

  2. Wow that fourth picture alone makes me want to jump in th car this very minute and drive up to Vermont! Wow this looks really enticing!! This is my kind of place...thank you so much for the introduction! I am bookmarking it..we normally end up going to Vermont somtime during the summer for a lacrosse tournament or two...and always during ski season......love it. This looks like quite an experience.

  3. I'm game! This looks amazing. Gourmet but not stuffy. Jeans and cassoulet!
    Have a great day!!! xx