6 Party Items For Spring - Inspired Design

Debby - the stylish voice behind INSPIRED DESIGN - is a fellow Bostonian and one of the first bloggers I met when I launched my blog. She is as kind, as she is hip. Her passion for all things beautiful will inspire you!

I am delighted to have her share her 6 Party Items for Spring.

Having survived a long snowy winter, Debby is looking forward to warm, sunny days and dining outside as often as possible. Is there anything better? 

1. A WICKER CADDY to carry make carrying silverware outside easy!

2. A collection of CANDLE LANTERNS to set the mood and keep the bugs at bay

3. A set of beautiful SUMMER PLATES designed for outdoor eating

Or order a set of MONOGRAMMED PLATES

4. PARTY TUNES set the mood for any fun gathering. Try Adele's new album. 

5. A SUMMER CENTERPIECE with flowers from your garden - like lilies or lilacs. 

6. Warmer weather is the time to fire up the grill. This BASKET is perfect for cooking vegetables. 

Or try cooking with a cedar PLANK for a delicious smokey flavor.


  1. Thanks for having me Kate! xo

  2. I HAVE to HAVE those monogrammed plates!
    <3 Cara
    Lilac and Grey

  3. Love all these great party ideas, big fan of Adele, have the monogrammed plates, love that first picture, wow! Anything grilled is as yummy as it is pretty and the candle lanterns are a great addtion to any summer table! Beautiful....

  4. Two things...if Debby is having a gathering, I'd like to be invited! And, I love every single suggestion on her list - many of which I have too! That first image is amazing, makes me want to have a red space outside.

  5. I love all these ideas for outdoor entertaining!! Getting me psyched for consistent warmer weather - seems like we're getting there!! LOVE that lilac centerpiece!

  6. I love Debby and all her great suggestions... especially the cedar plank. My husband made salmon on one last night for the first time and it was amazing. I have a feeling we'll be using cedar planks a lot from now on!

  7. Oh that grill basket is a must, along with Adele...great pics!! Now bring on the heat and sun!

  8. I love, Debby! She's a woman with style and class. I'm eyeing those pretty summer plates.

  9. Love every one of Debby's ideas! Adele - have it but haven't listened to it yet. Tonight!

    Monogrammed plates? Yes, please!

    Outdoor grilling....now we're talking!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  10. Love Debby and these are wonderful ideas!!

  11. I've been rocking to Adele's new album all week and those PB wicker caddies are fab!