Perfect Mother's Day Gift - In My Mother's Kitchen

Wondering what to get for Mother's Day? How about a copy of IN MY MOTHER'S KITCHEN from Canadian chef Trish Magwood? I love finding a gift that nobody has and this fits the bill!

The author is a celebrity chef in her native Canada but clearly a well kept secret here in the US of A. 

If you want to sample some of the recipes from her new book, here are a few that you could incorporate in a Mother's Day Fete.

A brunch that includes CORN CHOWDER


Or EGGS BENEDICT that has been upgraded with smoked salmon

Breakfast in bed with homemade GRANOLA

For dessert APPLE CAKE


  1. You had me at the corn chowder, then I saw the caesar salad then the lemon scones..SOLD!! Ordering it now. Thanks for the post..enjoy your day!

  2. The perfect gift...may have to get one for myself too!!

  3. Oh I love every single recipe you showed!! I'm not familiar with this book - definitely going to check it out!!

  4. If only my mother could cook - my stepfather banishes her from the kitchen and she doesn't mind it in the least bit... perhaps this book could teach her a thing or two! :)

  5. SOLD! I want to eat everything above and what a beautiful chef!!

    I think I must have this book for myself...and yes, I'll send one to my mother. Great find, Kate!

    xo Elizabeth