Memorial Day Picnic Must Haves

Memorial Day is the kick off to summer and what better way to kick off the season than a picnic with friends in the mountains or at the beach!

A summer staple is the perfect picnic BASKET

Or a picnic cooler with lots of room for wine. Like this ONE - my kind of picnic!

If you and your peeps don't love the idea of sitting on the ground, how about this deluxe picnic portable TABLE?

Why not pack one of these cheese BOARDS?

Rather than a bottle of chardonnay (yawn) pack a bottle of rose and champagne like these favorites from COPPOLA VINYARDS

Wondering what to serve? 

A CEASAR SALAD - pack the dressing on the side

ROASTED ASPARAGUS prepared in advance and served at room temp

And keeping with the summer theme - STRAWBERRY CUPCAKES and pop the champagne. Cheers to summer! 

Top Image: Martha Stewart


  1. Love the picnic idea and the menu! Let the planning begin! xo

  2. This post has me yearning for a weekend getaway but my beach getaway plans have been interrupted becuase my sons lacrosse team has advanced to playoffs so here we stay for a weekend of practices so we are now going to a local bbq at friends and I will make the most of it and enjoy it for what it is, Beautiful post.....

  3. All I can say is - YUM!!! You and I were certainly on the same page today!! That folding picnic table is amazing!!

  4. Count me in Kate!! I'm all for a picnic. Thanks again for having us guest post last week. We've had blogger issues and have been unable to comment on any blogs for days...ugh!!