Merci Grazie Thank You

No matter how you say it, these cards are a stylish way to say thank you - for the perfect evening, the perfect weekend or the perfect gift. In this electronic world, there are still occasions that warrant a real thank you note. 

Or bundle a collection of these cards in a chic ribbon for a hostess gift when you are a guest in someone's home.

Head over to the Etsy Shop of MADEBYGIRL  for a beautiful assortment of cards. You will love her work!


  1. Guess who I met yesterday at blogfest.....Jen Ramos of MadeByGirl!!!!! She is gorgeous and so nice. I love her work and shop.

    Also, met Erin from Elements of Style! So fun to connect with the bloggers I admire.

    Missing you this week.
    xo Elizabeth

  2. Each so pretty and so unique. Love them, beautiful......will go check out her work.

  3. Jen (a.k.a. MadeByGirl) sat with us at Blogfest yesterday and she is as lovely as her work! Too bad she lives in Las Vegas :( We're missing you and wish you were here. BTW - Erin says hi!