6 Party Items For Spring - Veranda Interiors

My next guest in the series is Melissa from VERANDA INTERIORS. She is a hip and stylish interior designer based in Calgary. Her blog is full of great decorating ideas and you can follow the construction progress of her new home. It is one of my daily reads! 

With warmer weather around the corner (let's hope!), Melissa's items are for an outdoor fete.

1. Well Stocked Bar With a BEVERAGE DISPENSER filled with water infused with cucumber or lemon slices and fresh cranberries tossed in for color. Or lemonade with fresh mint. 

And a PARTY TUB filled with assorted beers and chilled vodka to mix with the lemonade.

2. MASON JARS can be used for floral arrangements, candle holders and even glasses for your drinks! You can pick them up at your grocery store, hardware store, or better yet, search local antique stores for different sizes, brands, and even colors.

3. Fabulous Platters Nothing looks better on a table than crisp WHITE TRAYS 

Mixed in with burled WOOD PLATTERS.

4. Black Lava Salt Possibly the best secret ingredient for appetizers. It has a great soft smokey flavour, great crunch, and it looks beautiful. Try it on a flatbread with pesto, fresh mozzarella, arugula, and prosciutto. Drizzle extra virgin olive oil then sprinkle this salt for a surprise. You can buy it HERE.

5.  Fresh Herb Infused Desert Try a strawberry gallete with basil whipped cream. It is light, fresh tasting and the basil in the whipped cream is a pleasant surprise that will impress your guests! RECIPE

6. A Scarf The perfect accessory for when the sun goes down and the evening chill arrives. YARNZ is a favorite of Melissa's since a dear friend gave her one for her birthday. 


  1. This post has me dreaming of warmer weather! Such fun tips to hold on to for the summer. Love the idea of using mason jars as candle holders.

  2. All GREAT ideas, but the black salt stopped me in my tracks! i am going tp have 2 try that!!
    <3 Cara
    Lilac and Grey

  3. These are some great tips. However, the scarf threw me for a loop...lol

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  4. Great tips Melissa! I did not know about Black Lava Salt. Thanks!

  5. Yes Ma'am, great picks. I'd go to your party :)

  6. Gosh that makes me want to skip work and have a party! Great ideas...

  7. I have a stash of mason jars that get used for lots of different things, except making jelly. Love the turtle napkins!
    xo Cathy

  8. Loved the post! Come visit us at Dovecote Decor to see our fabulous French Basketeer Giveaway!


  9. How fresh! I hope the renovation will be done for a summer solstice party as these tips are right up my alley for a terrific party! Love the organic feel and the recycled - repurposed mason jars for drinks and candles.

  10. Thank you every one for the great comments and thank you Kate for having me!!! Unfortunately the scarfs I posted about are coming in too handy right now...it is still snowing. Gotta love Canadian springs. xo