Dinner Across the Pond

Like many of us, I find myself drawn across the pond to all things British with only a few weeks until the Wedding of the Century. I have had the pleasure of living in London and it remains one of my favorite cities. I saw this table setting in HOMES AND GARDENS and love it! 

I have a large collection of red ruby glass from my great grandparents and love the way it is incorporated in this table setting.

To get the look for your table

VASE and Red Amaryllis

Perfect for a brunch for friends watching Wills and Kate tie the knot!


  1. Yes I too love all things British and so the fascination continues......love the china above and the table setting is gorgeous..agreed!

  2. Is it sad that I am sooo excited for the Royal Wedding?! Vicariously living through the fairytale I guess.

    Love the combination of color, modern, and traditional items on the setting, creates such a fun mood.

  3. I admire that image and how you puzzled all pieces together.

  4. Fabulous table setup! I wouldn't have thought of mixing the blue and red but it worked so wonderful. Enjoy the beautiful day, Kellie xx

  5. I was actually thinking it could be fun to do a little party for the wedding and you have lots of fun inspiration here. And if not, even a fun table top at home day of would be festive!

  6. So great, I am drawn to all things British as well!

  7. I'm pretty obsessed with this wedding! Are you hosting an early morning champagne brunch at your place?!

    I am dying to see Kate's dress! Sarah Burton as the designer? I guess we'll just have to see!