My Latest Obsession: Blackberry Farm

I am dying to go to BLACKBERRY FARM and had hoped to go their for my 40th, friends in tow, but Tennessee is not around the corner from Boston! 

Some photos of the property - the rocking chair would be perfect for sipping a great glass of wine or better yet, a mint julep!

The rooms - divine!

Love the monogram

The award winning food, the gracious staff and stunning grounds would be the perfect setting for a destination wedding. Here are some images from a wedding from MARTHA STEWART.

Favors for the guests - adorable! 

Can't make it to TN, but would still like to experience Blackberry Farm? Try their fabulous COOKBOOK.

Or some of their kitchen staples for your pantry from their SHOP

Now you can see why I have it on my "must go" list! 


  1. Wow, what's not to like?! I head down to Nashville on some trips, now I need to detour over to Knoxville!
    xo Cathy

  2. You and I have the BF obsession in common...hoping and planning to go in June!! I sure hope it happens because we were scheduled to go last year and a few days before our entire family came down with the flu for almost two weeks!!
    Beautiful, "take me away to another place" kind of images......and that wedding is gorgeous also. Such pretty things!

  3. I'm with you Kate. I have several friends who have been and say it's amazing!! On my to do list...

  4. My sister graduated with the woman who married the owner whom I believe is the chef as well? We thought about sending our parents' there for a Christmas gift a couple of years ago but ended up with the Inn at Perry Cabin in St. Michaels MD instead only b/c of proximity to DC. BF is on my list to try to (sans kids of course!)

  5. Cookbook ordered, check. Desire to go now, check. Wanting to get married all over again there, check. Love it all!

  6. I have always wanted wanted to go there as well and what a fabulous destination for a wedding!! Still haven't bought the book - on my list!!

  7. I love your blog..so inspiring ..thanks

  8. Now I "must go" there, too! What a fun, romantic getaway place...

  9. I can't decide what to address first, Kate. Wow. Such a beautiful place and I am fairly close.
    The breakfast picture makes my mouth water, and the blackberry pie looks fabulous.
    As for the mint julep, I am on board.

  10. Oh it's divine...wish I was closer...a dream!...:))

  11. It looks beautiful! Now I want to go too! xo

  12. Lovely post! I'm equally obsessed. My husband is from the South and I keep trying to convince him that we need to stay at Blackberry Farm every time we go down there.

  13. On my list as well. Almost went there the weekend we ended up at Twin Farms...but it was truffle weekend. And the only food I detest....truffles/mushrooms. Have the cookbook, but still want to go in person. Some day! Hope you get to go for your 40th, Kate!!