Jane Eyre on Location

I went to see JANE EYRE yesterday and it is well worth seeing! Jane, played by MIA WASIKOWSKA, is really endearing and while hardly beautiful, her character grows on you. Mr. Rochester is played brilliantly by MICHAEL FASSBENDER. I did laugh as I overheard a group of young women leaving the theater and discussing if there was going to be a sequel. Really??

But the real star of the movie was the location. It gave you a sense of what it was like to live during that time period - dark, chilly and creepy, even if you are surrounded by antiques! 

After some Googling I discovered much of the movie was filmed at CHATSWORTH. Not only is it open for daily visits, you can also host events here, including weddings. Now they had my attention! Talk about a venue!

 There is also a restaurant on the property, cottages for rent and a farm shop.

The other location (especially for the exterior shots of Thornfield) was HADDON HALL. It is also open to the public and has a restaurant. What fun!

Time to plan a trip across the pond!

Film Images from Focus Features and Apartment Therapy


  1. Wow Kate what a wonderful post. So glad you enjoyed it, am going to see it tonight with my best friend aka movie buddy....cannot wait!! One of my favorite stories....and the settings look like they will not disappoint! Exactly as I envisioned it.....and like you discovered, what a venue indeed! Great post.

  2. Saw the movie yesterday, enjoyed it but preferred the book. Those cold dark rooms are scaring and off putting to me, but grand at the same time. Would be much fun to visit.

  3. Never can pass up watching this movie and will have to see the new version. Sounds like a research trip to gather all the facts first-hand is definitely needed!
    xo Cathy

  4. Great post!! Am absolutely dying to see this movie!! And now with your added insights, I will be watching all the more carefully. Have always wanted to do a tour of the great English estates - and of course both Chatsworth and Haddon Hall are on the list!

  5. Some more gorgeous venue options! Must say I did love reading Jane Eyre growing up and I never tire of the many versions that have been made over the years :) Nicolex

  6. Great post, Kate. Didn't Elizabeth Taylor star in the previous version?
    Such an absolutely beautiful place. At Christmastime they really know how to bring on the season.
    Have a great evening.

  7. Care to make that a group trip? Can't wait to see the movie! Xoxo

  8. Looking forward to seeing this movie (and its "sequel" LOL). I think Mia Wasikowska is transformed as Jane. She was the ethereal Alice in Alice in Wonderland and the daughter in The Kids are all right.

    oh, group trip sounds good to me!

  9. did you ever see Mia on InTreatment? On HBO? She is BRILLIANT. I adore her.

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

    That Girl in Pearls