On the Rocks

Any well stocked bar, or party, should have a beautiful ice bucket. I was given the ice bucket below from SIMON PEARCE as a birthday gift from friends and I love it! 

Another option from SIMON PEARCE

Here are a few from PLANTATIONS

You can get one in IKAT


 For your beach home, how about this OPTION?

Classic elegance from TIFFANY'S

Some stunning, and stunningly expensive, options from ARTE DONA

Or you can go OLD SCHOOL - I think my grandparents had this ice bucket!

And some more vintage options from EBAY


Top Image: Martha Stewart


  1. I completely agree that a good looking ice bucket completes the bar set-up. I have a few glass ones, but my favorite is one that I scored from Eddie Ross when Pretty Pink Tulips hosted an event for him...looks great sitting on my bar cart in the dining room. I like the one your friends got you!

  2. Wow....I kept saying thats my favorite, then would scroll down then would see another beauty..to many pretty ones! Love them all and agree everyone must have a good ice bucket on hand. That first Simon Pierce one I just ordered and had it monogrammed for a wedding shower gift. It came out so beautiful and she said it was one of her favorite gifts. Love the choices...the chinoiserie one and the arte donna one are my faves. Great post.

  3. Great gift from your friends! I like many of them, okay all of them, but I keep going back to the Old School one because I like the way the tongs slip into the lid. Think your grandparents would give it up?!
    xo Cathy

  4. For some reason I just love ice buckets!! And you can use them for flowers or a plant when not entertaining!!

  5. These are lovely! I adore that vintage ice bucket! Enjoy the wonderful weekend, Kellie xx

  6. We've used ice buckets for flowers and they make such a statement! Love your picks, especially the vintage ones.

  7. those are all wonderful and I like the wooden one, but I like your simon pearce the best!