Spring Table Setting

I saw this centerpiece in the latest issue of MARTHA STEWART WEDDINGS and just love it! It would be perfect for a spring dinner party or for Easter. 

To make the look at home start with a bamboo drawer liner from the CONTAINER STORE and spray paint it white.

Line with FLORAL FOAM and then top with wheat grass which you can buy by the flat. 

Buy assorted poppies, tulips, daffodils or any spring blooms in different varieties and colors. Ask the florist to give you enough water tubes for each bloom. Cut the foam and grass for each tube and insert the flowers. Here are some of my picks that I would use in the arrangement - though not all together.

I love the modern lines of the water and wine glasses on the table. You can find them HERE.

Sorry Martha, but I would vote for a tablecloth that has a bit more pop. How about one of these FABRICS instead? Then color coordinate your choice of flowers.

And these PLATES.

Time to think spring!


  1. Oh bring it on!! Can't wait for color, flowers, pretty things...I love spring!

  2. Beautiful arrangement and GREAT suggestions. Totally agree with you about the tablecloth!!

  3. I have done wheat grass with tulips and it really is an Easter must as far as I am concerned. One year I actually planted grass and tulip bulbs which were suppose to be pink and when they came up they were orange, which is my least fav color so I had to end up buying pink tulips that year. I still laugh about that story. KS

  4. Loved this centerpiece when I saw it, too! And it might inspire our table for the Red & White Ball next month...