Boston's Best Blooms

Ask any savvy Bostonian who is the best florist and the answer would be WINSTON'S FLOWERS. The company is family run (wonderful people) and their attention to detail is flawless.

They are perfect to send to anyone in the Boston area

I also look at their work for inspiration for my own floral arrangements and party decor.

Remember this wedding? Yup...they did the flowers along with JEFF LEATHAM.

And they also did the flowers for the White House State Dinner with China - so cool!


  1. I never met a flower I didn't like. I just love them all...flowers equate to happiness for me! These images are certainly gorgeous.

  2. Love Winston's and have often been inspired by their designs. To work with Jeff is a dream of ours - Diane met him in Paris and says he's lovely, inside and out! Happy weekend, Kate!

  3. Such beautiful arrangements. I love the bright colors and the flowers used here.
    Hav ea great weekend, Kate.

  4. WOW - so beautiful!!! How fabulous would it be to do an event with them!

  5. Wow - can't even decide which flower photo I like best as they are all stellar!
    Have a fun weekend!
    xo Cathy

  6. I think it is SO helpful to have the name of a really amazing florist in various cities. So happy to add this one to my list.

    Their work is just beyond gorgeous....now I know who to use for you someday! :)
    xoxo e

  7. Oh, I love Winstons. Was just in the store yesterday picking out a flowers for my kitchen table. The shops are also gorgeous - I love the way that they incorporate their floral work into more than just the actual arrangements!

  8. What gorgeous arrangements...there's nothing quite like fresh flowers. Hope your weekend is wonderful Kate!

  9. Well if they are good enough for Presidents they are good enough for me:) Have to ask my sister in law if she knows them, she lives outside of Boston in Newton. Gorgeous flowers....and its always wonderful to see a thriving business that is still family run!